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MRL Elevators have no fixed machine room on the top of the hoistway. The traction hoisting machine is usually installed either the top side or the bottom side of the hoistway. The motor of the MRL Lifts is installed using a permanent magnet. The magnet attached permanently to the motor. It works with Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) drive. Instead of a conventional motor, some machines are used with gearless synchronous motors. This design does away with fixed machine room and hence a lot of building space is saved. Most of the traction MRL Elevators is gearless traction based.Though the hoisting motor is set up on the hoistway side wall, the main controller is set up on the top floor subsequent to the landing doors. The main controller is placed behind a closed cabinet. For repairs or emergency purposes, a key is provided to unlock the main controller. Almost all the elevators have their controller installed on the top floor but few of them have it installed on the bottom most floor. Some of the elevators, like those in Japan, might have the hoisting motor at the bottom of the elevator shaft put, so it is called as "bottom drive MRL" elevator.MRL elevators use the regular steel cord ropes as the hoisting cables like the regular traction elevators. Most of the MRL elevators are used for low to mid-rise buildings. MRL elevators usually serve up to 20 floors in a mid-rise building. At some rare instances, the traction machine is placed beneath the elevator cab.

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We have a very good reputation in the market. Being a quality-oriented organization, we assure our clients about the good lifts that this hydraulic stacker is the best in quality. Our qualified experts only utilize fine quality raw material, while manufacturing the entire range. We provide wide range of sizes and shapes, as per the requirements of our above clients. Features such as Optimum strength, Rust proof, Enhanced durability

As one of the leading elevator suppliers we supply the finest residential elevators in the market, with a penchant for offering to our customers' lifts and elevators with superior quality, delicate craftsmanship and tailor made designs that can be built into new or existing architecture. We are in the forefront as one of the leading lift suppliers in Hyderabad. We have exclusive offers for homeowners at affordable and competitive prices that adds ease of access, comfort, and super value to their homes. As pioneering elevator suppliers we vow to offer you personal elevator comfort. We are well established lift suppliers Home Elevators and lifts are installed for your convenience to enhance the value of your home, and also provide you with a unique elevators. Keeping our clients in mind, we help them in installing elevators and lifts that meet the practical needs of people living in the comfort of their own homes.

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Soaring to new heights our exclusive home lifts and home elevators, are an engineer’s marvel with state of the art hydraulic and gearless traction and with the potential to travel up to six stops or have a total of 6 landing doors It has a speed of 0.30, 0.50, 0.63 m/s and you are home in the blink of an eyelid. As a leading Home Lift Suppliers in Hyderabad, trust us to install our lifts even in old buildings or low rise residential apartments. Our home lifts are best suited for your villa or bungalow. Use the home lift in the comfort of your own home, after a tiring day at work. We are space conscious and do not need a machine room. You have the option of either using a single phase or a three phase connection. We offer you an assortment of car shades, from stainless steel matt finish to MS painted, from exotic designer shades to elegant glass cabins. Match the interior decors of you home lift with the interior decors of your home. Make your home lift an extension of your home. An ageless concept suitable and safe for all ages especially for the aged and the feeble. Assuring you the best service we the Home Elevator Suppliers in Hyderabad are in your favourite city at your very door step.

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promises mobility you can rely on. And it delivers this everyday. System engineered to always meet the requirements of its range of application, it ensures high availability for users and efficient operation.The Suspension Traction Media (STM) enables a smaller traction diameter of 85 mm, translating into a smaller motor size. Smaller also means it’s economical in energy consumption

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The service we provide to our customers is crucial to our business success. For many customers, after-sales service is what makes one supplier stand out from another, often more than product or price. Good customer service can attract new business and can create a loyal customer base.

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We use high grade components and materials such as Wires, PVC, Lights, Steel, Iron, Cabinets, Motors, etc. to manufacture our products. During the manufacturing process, our technocrats employ state-of-the-art technologies and cost effective production methods that help us to develop elevators, which are dimensionally precise. Our manufacturing unit is furnished with high tech machines that assist us to enhance our production capacity and complete the bulk orders on time.

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We take the safety of your building's occupants very seriously. All of our products from the largest service elevators to the smallest dumb waiters are all designed verified by the Authority. We will never under any circumstances sell a product to you that does not meet Standards. We offer the widest selection of the newest products, being manufacturer our products are delivered swiftly and efficiently wherever our customers are, with support from our sophisticated distribution and logistics networks

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The Automatic Door Lifts are the passenger lifts which are equipped with doors which have high quality laser sensors enabling the doors to be automatically open and shut when required. The usage of Automatic Doors also makes these lifts highly safe for kids and old age persons as there are completely no chances of being stuck in the door . These find high application in places like Malls and MNC Offices wherein the users may easily move from one floor to other without the help of a lift operator.

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The quality of the elevator system overall determines the degree of a building’s serviceability. designs and customizes our elevators to meet your building’s specific requirements and are capable of building the most efficient, economical and reliable elevators that you can easily install people in elevators travel comfortably through buildings and other urban spaces. As buildings become larger and taller, our service strives to achieve ever-improving safety and energy savings.